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  1. These sails may be any type of fore-and-aft sail, in any combination.
  2. In addition, the term may have been influenced by the fore-and-aft sail.
  3. In Korea fore-and-aft sail equipped ships had been in use since the eighth century.
  4. Some references state the class carried fore-and-aft sails as built, other references state they were never carried.
  5. For most modern sailboats, that is boats with fore-and-aft sails, reaching is the fastest way to travel.
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  7. It is a two-masted vessel, square rigged on the foremast, with fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast.
  8. The large fore-and-aft sail on the mainmast is the mainsail, while the sail on the mizzen mast is the mizzen.
  9. In the Royal Navy in the late nineteenth century, the term " trysail " came to denote the main fore-and-aft sail on any mast.
  10. *" Tack "  The corner on a fore-and-aft sail where the luff and foot connect is called the " tack"
  11. Leeds built a 20-ton brigantine, a two-masted sailing ship with square-rigged sails on the foremast and fore-and-aft sails on the mainmast.
  12. In addition to a set of fore-and-aft sails the " Mexicana " carried main-mast and fore-mast spanker, jib, and flying jib sails.
  13. Subsequently, she adopted a reduced rig of just three sails-her jib, one square sail on the foremast, and a single fore-and-aft sail on the mizzen.
  14. All the ships of the class were provided with a barque rig, that is, square-rigged foremast and mainmast, and fore-and-aft sails only on the mizzen mast.
  15. To economize on crew, Matson rigged " Falls of Clyde " down as a barque, replacing the five yards on her ( jigger ) mast with two more easily managed fore-and-aft sails.
  16. Today, barquentines are popular with modern tall ship and sail training operators as their suite of mainly fore-and-aft sails can be operated with ease and efficiency, but the single mast of square sails offers long distance speed and dramatic appearance in port.
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