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  1. The fore-and-aft rig was particularly useful in maneuvering upwind.
  2. From about 1870, the fore-and-aft rig was introduced ( gaff rigged ).
  3. Historically, spritsails were the first fore-and-aft rigs, appearing in Greco-Roman navigation in the 2nd century BC.
  4. For coastal work, " Virginia " would have used a fore-and-aft rig with a sprit mainsail and one headsail.
  5. In 1920, petty officers with four years'standing also received the fore-and-aft rig with the cap badge formerly worn by CPOs.
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  7. A " fore-and-aft rig " consists of sails that are set along the line of the keel rather than perpendicular to it.
  8. The ship was fitted with a fore-and-aft rig on her two masts, which had been designed to allow progress in the event of engine failure.
  9. "Square-rigged " is also used for the uniform of a Petty Officers, Chief Petty Officers and Warrant Officers ) and Officers is known colloquially as'fore-and-aft rig '.
  10. "Southern Cross 4 " ( British Registry Official Number 98988 ) was a three-masted schooner, foremast, square-rigged, main and mizzen, fore-and-aft rig . 240 tons with auxiliary steam.
  11. This sail arrangement, a forerunner to the sails found in the modern-day fore-and-aft rig of sloops, ketches and yawls, made the craft more agile and gave them the ability to point higher into the wind than square riggers.

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