for tonight in a sentence

"for tonight" in Chinese  
  1. MY TYKE is still trying to decide on a costume for tonight.
  2. KJ did not practice Wednesday and is listed as questionable for tonight.
  3. I felt pretty relaxed and just wanted to save something for tonight.
  4. They gave me a ticket for tonight on a Sabena flight.
  5. I had to throw them away and get prepared for tonight,
  6. It's difficult to find for tonight in a sentence.
  7. And he offered a glimpse of his game plan for tonight.
  8. A council vote on selecting a facilitator is set for tonight.
  9. The rest of the Frogs are healthy for tonight . nn
  10. And I have the same motivation ( for tonight ).
  11. There are no restrictions on the topics for tonight's debate.
  12. He is questionable for tonight's consolation game against the Rockets.
  13. And winning that one further prepared him for tonight's game.
  14. He is expected back for tonight's game against the Clippers.
  15. The hearing before the Village Council was scheduled for tonight.
  16. Could he borrow some from the church for tonight's party?
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