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  1. Hill's testimony recalled Congressional hearings more than a decade ago into why the Pentagon paid $ 600 for toilet seats or $ 6, 000 for coffee makers.
  2. And it is likely that even the most useful nuclear weapons cost too much to build for the same reasons the Pentagon pays too much for toilet seats and canned ravioli.
  3. WASTE-PENTAGON-- WASHINGTON-- A little more than a decade ago the Pentagon was hammered for spending $ 600 for toilet seats and $ 6000 for coffee makers.
  4. This False Claims Act remained on the books, little-used, for more than 120 years, until the mid-1980s, when Congress, angry that the Pentagon was paying $ 200 for toilet seats and $ 500 for hammers, beefed up the statute in two important ways, Warren said.
  5. During an era when it was revealed that the U . S . military was being charged $ 400 for hammers, $ 700 for toilet seats, and aircraft carrier costs were double the original bids, it was widely reported in the print and electronic media that there were serious " cost over runs " in the constructions costs for the school.
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