for today in a sentence

"for today" in Chinese  
  1. It provides the nesting comfort that people are looking for today.
  2. The second game is scheduled for today with Kasparov playing white.
  3. Our topic for today is the State of the State speeches.
  4. The forecast for today calls for cloudy skies but no rain.
  5. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich are our heroes for today .`
  6. It's difficult to find for today in a sentence.
  7. His arraignment is scheduled for today in Lamoille County District Court.
  8. Excuse all the errors and mistakes for today is my birthday.
  9. The goal for today is to get a good run in,
  10. Two practices are planned for today as well . . ..
  11. Several NBA teams have been waiting months for today to arrive.
  12. A status hearing in the criminal case is set for today.
  13. A 30 percent chance of more showers is forecast for today.
  14. The cause of the problem is not a question for today.
  15. The goal is always for today to be better than yesterday.
  16. SAN DIEGO _ What does the Republican Party stand for today?
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