for to in a sentence

"for to" meaning  "for to" in Chinese  
  1. How many cops are we paying for to be out here?
  2. For to hell with this putrid and despicable Graduate Degree sensitivity.
  3. But wraps aren't just for to-go meals.
  4. It was worth getting fired for to go through that performance.
  5. A second ambulance was called for to take Schultz and Berman.
  6. It's difficult to find for to in a sentence.
  7. The road between the two houses runs north for to Sykesville.
  8. The line then climbs at 1 in 60 for to Disley.
  9. Beyond Thorne, a further bank ran for to the Aire.
  10. The motion passed by 24 votes for to 3 votes against.
  11. It continues north for to its northern terminus at Round Rock.
  12. For to take one life is to take the world entire.
  13. Crabb asked for to access point to be re-opened.
  14. Follow the access road for to reach the historic ranch site.
  15. An overtime had to be called for to decide the championship.
  16. Air Force then lined up for to kick an extra point.
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