for tinkerbell in a sentence

  1. Catatonia's first national interview was published following the release of " For Tinkerbell ", a 300 word piece appearing in " Melody Maker ".
  2. Search for " Padecky . " ATHENS, Greece _ Went looking for Tinkerbell on Thursday night, because this is women's gymnastics, and I thought I found her.
  3. All the tracks were later compiled onto " The Crai-EPs 1993 / 1994 " alongside those from the EP " Hooked ", released a year after " For Tinkerbell ".
  4. The 23-year-old hotel heiress, who has starred for two seasons on Fox television's " The Simple Life " with her friend Nicole Richie, had offered a $ 5, 000 reward for Tinkerbell.
  5. Or if you like, you could have classes of yummy female fairies with shorter or longer skirts ( I'm waiting for Tinkerbell's to fray a bit more . . . ) that ensure that GR works.
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  7. There were five tracks on the EP; " For Tinkerbell ", " New Mercurial Heights ", " Dimbran ", " Sweet Catatonia " and the Welsh language version of " New Mercurial Heights ", " Gyda Gwen ".
  8. There were concerns from the record label about the song " For Tinkerbell " not being in the Welsh language as liaison Rhys Mwyn was apprehensive about promoting an English language track, since he felt that the song would connect more with Robert's Y Cyrff fanbase if it was in Welsh.

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