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  1. Well, for time immemorial parks have been the place for First Amendment activity.
  2. First Nations consider the traditional lands to have been theirs for time immemorial.
  3. The reason is not known but it has been so for time immemorial.
  4. The building and estate were in possession of the Hunter Family for time immemorial.
  5. "Physicians have been held accountable for time immemorial, " said James Stacey, a spokesman for the American Medical Association.
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  7. Because the flower never died and may well live for time immemorial, given the hairy-chested state of the contempory game.
  8. For time immemorial, it seems, the federal deficit has been growing and worsening, like some malicious creature from a horror movie.
  9. Katoch have been kings for time immemorial and their dynasty can be traced back to 4300BC when Rajanaka Bhumi Chand founded the Katoch Dynasty.
  10. "They are casting a kind of ironic and humorous eye on the world as college students have done for time immemorial, " he said.
  11. :This is essentially the same question as the origin of matter and the origin of the universe, on which people have been speculating for time immemorial.
  12. Ahar is perhaps the most ancient settlement in Bulandshahr District, and is at the centre of a region where the Nagar Brahmins have been the dominant community for time immemorial.
  13. "Saussurea obvallata ", known as " brahmakamala " in India is one of the most sacred species, and it has been used for offerings to goddess Nanda Devi for time immemorial.
  14. Hacohen said in a statement he was slightly misquoted and that he said that " Just as whoring has been a female occupation for time immemorial, soldiering has been a man's business ."
  15. Playing on the CUS pitches on Bird Avenue for time immemorial, this truly historic playing ground has given many memorable moments to the many crowds that congregate every weekend to view the champagne rugby that Stillorgan have perfected.
  16. Here we have a pretty grave situation for our country and it should not, in my judgment, be relegated to the continuing dispute that is going to go on for time immemorial regarding black and white folks in this country.
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