for three days in a sentence

"for three days" in Chinese  
  1. Even Jesus was dead for three days . And he was God.
  2. Then they answered their questions for three days in June 1998.
  3. The patient may not get a call for three days ."
  4. Queen Elizabeth II visited the country for three days last month.
  5. One guy got beat up by me for three days straight.
  6. It's difficult to find for three days in a sentence.
  7. It was possible the bodies had lain undiscovered for three days.
  8. She cried for three days after she put him to sleep.
  9. Lim arrived at Pyongyang on Wednesday for three days of meetings.
  10. The error range for three days is now about 250 miles.
  11. The negotiators will meet for three days in a Cairo hotel.
  12. The clashes began on Saturday and have lasted for three days.
  13. One patch placed behind the ear is effective for three days.
  14. The Northern Ireland talks will be held here for three days.
  15. The board said the school will close down for three days.
  16. It rained for three days in the middle of the week.
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