for the tribes in a sentence

"for the tribes" in Chinese  
  1. There have been many recent notable athletes who competed for the Tribe.
  2. A spokesman for the tribes could not immediately be reached for comment.
  3. Later that year, things went from bad to worse for the tribe.
  4. Paul Filzer, an attorney for the tribe, had little to say Friday.
  5. The victory for the tribes translated into an $ 81.5 million settlement.
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  7. Cervantes, 38, director of special affairs for the tribe, pleaded to one.
  8. This land became the Lytton Rancheria and the namesake for the tribe.
  9. The vast majority of those with jobs work directly for the tribe.
  10. The land is held in trust by the state for the tribe.
  11. Nancy Tyler, a spokeswoman for the tribe, wrote in an e-mail message.
  12. She has sung of the need to stick up for the tribe.
  13. He hit . 239 for the Tribe and belted 15 home runs.
  14. With a few exceptions, the result has been a bonanza for the tribes.
  15. During the raid, she successfully captured 11 horses for the tribe.
  16. He determined that the Indians'plea was legitimate and won recognition for the tribe.
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