for the town in a sentence

  1. Not for the town's king and queen, though.
  2. "I'm scared for the town, too.
  3. We need to take more steps for the town to advance.
  4. He could have raised a lot of money for the town.
  5. He is former head of conservation for the Town of Brookline.
  6. It's difficult to find for the town in a sentence.
  7. "It's good for the town,"
  8. Penzes was also chaplain for the town's Fire Department.
  9. Collectively, they began designing a master plan for the town.
  10. It was a huge night for club and for the town,
  11. The two prepared fireworks for the town's yearly festival.
  12. It's a big plus for the town ."
  13. He painted this oil in 1942 for the town post office.
  14. Per capita income for the town is $ 11, 326.
  15. The park continues to be a recreation center for the town.
  16. The per capita income for the town $ 14, 030.
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