for the time to come in a sentence

"for the time to come" in Chinese  
  1. Rogers waited for the time to come when the hammer would be in his hands for a change.
  2. And our people can move forward proudly, as they will do, I am sure, for the time to come in that particular direction.
  3. In Bosnian Budunost means " Future ", which symbolizes the hope people had for the times to come when the club was founded in 1947.
  4. As long as he's showing progress that way, I think he'll be patient and wait for the time to come ."
  5. Holmes'face lit up as she crossed the line, but then, unsure of the result, she anxiously waited for the times to come up.
  6. It's difficult to find for the time to come in a sentence.
  7. Take something that works, and just double it . 128bit processors, as in addressing 128bits of memory, are probably unlikely for the time to come.
  8. His lordship promised to forbear the practice for the future, and it was ordered'that the like practice shall not be used for the time to come '.
  9. The queen hence told the servant to hang her upside down for the time to come so that she could have a wise and virtuous son who could head the kingdom righteously.
  10. (Tauran ) said that the time is approaching for the time to come, but ( the pope ) insists on coming as a pilgrim, not as a statesman, not as a leader,
  11. He noted that the United Nations played a role in many areas of concern to the United States, including Iraq, the Middle East and Sudan, and that Washington expected to work closely with Annan " for the time to come . " Annan's term ends Dec . 31, 2006, and he has reiterated in recent days that he looked forward to remaining in office until then.
  12. Rabbi Samuel bar Nahmani interpreted the words " that the Lord your God shall keep for you " in teaching that all the good that Israel enjoys in this world results from the blessings with which Balaam blessed Israel, but the blessings with which the Patriarchs blessed Israel are reserved for the time to come, as signified by the words, " that the Lord your God shall keep for you ."
  13. Travelling restlessly between collections, he filled his imagination and mind continuously with many influences : India with Mina's songs, New York City of Halston, Antonio Lopez, and Bianca Jagger, Paris with Jeanne Moreau, Marie-H閘鑞e de Rothschild and Jane Birkin, Fellini's costumes, Gena Rowlands, Louise Bourgeois . . . He also spent time with the women of the caf?society who would become an important source of inspiration for the times to come.
  14. "And to prevent for the time to come, and to hinder the carrying over of any such persons as are Enemies to this Commonwealth, or that may prove dangerous to any of the English Plantations in America, the Parliament doth forbid and prohibit all Ships of any Forein Nation whatsoever, to come to, or Trade in, or Traffique with any of the English Plantations in America, or any Islands, Ports or places thereof, which are planted by, and in possession of the People of this Commonwealth, without License first had and obtained from the Parliament or Council of State ."
  15. On 1 May 1660, the King's letter containing the Declaration of Breda was read out in the House of Commons, and the previously republican Robinson apparently underwent a dramatic conversion to the Royal cause; he was first to speak after the letter was read, and did so " " bathed in tears " " . ( The incident is recorded by Samuel Pepys in his diary the following day : " " Luke Robinson himself stood up and made a recantation for what he had done, and promises to be a loyal subject to his Prince for the time to come . " " ) Nevertheless, Robinson was soon after expelled from the Commons, by order of the House on 21 June 1660.
  16. And in case the excess found in one town exceeds the quantity of the fifteenth of the same town the remnant of such excess shall be levied and paid by the said collectors to the next poor town, in aid of their fifteenth, by advice of the said justices, and that the fines and ransoms, excesses and amercements of the said servants, labourers and artificers for the time to come, running of the said fifteenth be delivered to the said collectors in the form aforesaid by indentures to be made between them and the said justices so that the same collectors may be charged upon the account by the same indentures in case that the said fines ransoms, amercements and excesses be not paid in aid of the said fifteenth.

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