for the taking in a sentence

"for the taking" meaning  "for the taking" in Chinese  
  1. Although the material is free for the taking, farmers rarely tap it.
  2. Yes, the American League West appears to be theirs for the taking.
  3. But a lot of the dead are not there for the taking.
  4. The profiteers of tragedy know there is financial gain for the taking.
  5. In the first half, I thought it was there for the taking.
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  7. The game was there for the taking and the Yankees kept passing.
  8. c . 1999, Houston Chronicle The game was there for the taking.
  9. Republican insiders differ on whether the nomination is his for the taking.
  10. The past is here for the taking, three minutes at a time.
  11. That gold medal was there for the taking in the long jump.
  12. The Patriots seem to be catching a team ripe for the taking.
  13. Of course, there are more medals for the taking than ever before.
  14. Mountains of free building materials were therefore available for the taking.
  15. Add it up and there are some points for the taking.
  16. The job is there for the taking if anybody wants it.
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