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  1. In the defense of those powers, is there any place for shame?
  2. And like their predecessors, it appears, they lack any capacity for shame.
  3. He laid his head on my breast, shattered-- and almost wept for shame.
  4. She begs for forgiveness for shaming the family, and dies in prison hospital.
  5. They had no name for shame, but they felt it.
  6. It's difficult to find for shame in a sentence.
  7. For shame, King will say, his diamond pinkie ring sparkling in the morning sunlight.
  8. And in these days of multimedia brand extension, the opportunities for shame are amplified.
  9. Several key senators deserve credit for shaming their colleagues into relinquishing these corrupting perks.
  10. However, no compensation for shame is made to the insane ( ib . 86b ).
  11. For a client whose patron was another's client, the potential for shame was still worse.
  12. There's a lot to be said for shame.
  13. That in itself is enough reason for shame.
  14. Wikipedia is not a public forum for shaming.
  15. Doing time in prison is widely acce2ted as a black thing, and no cause for shame.
  16. Through these consultations, the best model for Shames'future success was determined to be a non-profit co-operative.
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