for lack of in a sentence

"for lack of" in Chinese  
  1. WHAT THEY DO : Tough defense makes up for lack of height
  2. The Justice Department case against him collapsed for lack of evidence.
  3. All 20 predecessors died for lack of money or political support.
  4. The charges were dropped six weeks later for lack of evidence.
  5. The latter was made but not delivered for lack of payment.
  6. It's difficult to find for lack of in a sentence.
  7. But prosecutors set him free shortly afterward for lack of evidence.
  8. Indonesia says the poor economy is not for lack of trying.
  9. The bipartisan Cabinet project may die for lack of usable material.
  10. Assembly lines may come to a halt for lack of parts.
  11. And it hardly has grown and thrived for lack of concern.
  12. The morel mushroom season was a disappointment for lack of sun.
  13. She missed her hospital appointment that day for lack of transportation.
  14. Brown set a standard for lack of excellence in the field.
  15. The bakery said it would close Friday for lack of fuel.
  16. The court acquitted seven other Christian activists for lack of evidence.
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