for kids in a sentence

"for kids" in Chinese  
  1. Back to school time is not just for kids any more,
  2. Tests bring out a lot of stress for kids and parents.
  3. Sites devoted to books for kids and teens are expected soon.
  4. Camp Lucaya is open for kids up to 12 years old.
  5. We try to be cool for kids and right for moms.
  6. It's difficult to find for kids in a sentence.
  7. The activity screens offer some fun puzzles and tasks for kids.
  8. But note : Not all of these games are for kids.
  9. He is a role model for kids who have been misled.
  10. There will always be an opportunity for kids to practice it.
  11. It provides a lot of fun and educational things for kids.
  12. Testers thought this was a neat way for kids to learn.
  13. We made it possible for kids like those to follow us.
  14. All of them are being marketed for kids 4 and older:
  15. But parents need to watch out for kids who are overachievers.
  16. One recognized approach to setting guidelines for kids is a contract.
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