for kicks in a sentence

"for kicks" meaning  "for kicks" in Chinese  
  1. And then for kicks, they go skiing-- fast.
  2. The motivation for kick-starting Libyan energy ventures is clear.
  3. They all said they were doing this for kicks and fun,
  4. She produced the Just for Kicks " in early 2006.
  5. Just for kicks, what do you think this spider is?
  6. It's difficult to find for kicks in a sentence.
  7. The girl he was with isn't in this for kicks.
  8. He explained : " I do research for kicks.
  9. You can't do it for kicks ."
  10. The label is going for kick-ass music that kids understand.
  11. Medina began posting his own photo composites just for kicks.
  12. "It's just for kicks,"
  13. Berry was blocking for kick returner Allen Rossum when he got hurt.
  14. Lets call it UF6 just for kicks . ) filling the columns.
  15. I've been thinking about getting one, just for kicks.
  16. She's going to the Kansas City flirting convention just for kicks.
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