for keep in a sentence

"for keep" in Chinese  
  1. PLAYING FOR KEEPS, by David Halberstam . ( Random House,
  2. PLAYING FOR KEEPS : Michael Jordan and the World He Made.
  3. Herry to fight it out for keep perfect record, JAKARTA POST
  4. I do not find the arguments for Keep nearly as convincing.
  5. The last count so far is 10-5 for keep.
  6. It's difficult to find for keep in a sentence.
  7. It is just above the threshold for keep in my view.
  8. But we play for keeps, just as they do.
  9. They don't always play for keeps, either.
  10. They lead with their hearts and they play for keeps.
  11. When I was in Pittsburgh, we played for keeps.
  12. Let's hope that one's for keeps.
  13. The timing of " Playing for Keeps,"
  14. PLAYING FOR KEEPS : Michael Jordan and the World He Made
  15. In 11 days, the Cowboys begin playing for keeps.
  16. A reckless one will always " play for keeps ."
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