for itself in a sentence

"for itself" in Chinese  
  1. "That speaks for itself, " said Montgomery.
  2. QUESTION : Your success the past five years speaks for itself.
  3. So Nomura has set a new target for itself : Asia.
  4. Not without a price, both for itself and its creditors.
  5. It is weeping not only for Rabin but also for itself.
  6. It's difficult to find for itself in a sentence.
  7. You have this attitude : let the institution speak for itself.
  8. What does Steinbrenner's body have to say for itself?
  9. And " Monday Night Football " speaks for itself.
  10. To some extent, the market will develop answers for itself.
  11. The company also makes diesel engines for itself and other manufacturers.
  12. He wants each club to decide for itself, he says.
  13. It pays once for the current retirees and once for itself.
  14. The home toolbox collectively created by this quartet speaks for itself.
  15. The amendment prevents Congress from passing immediate salary increases for itself.
  16. Russia is being given the means of seeing this for itself.
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