for it in a sentence

"for it" in Chinese  
  1. They will get their whole class to turn out for it.
  2. Social Security has expanded to meet the growing needs for it.
  3. -- Which lucky citizens will get to pay for it?
  4. I'm still waiting for it to get truly funny.
  5. It is best known for its T-shirt featuring Hemingway.
  6. It's difficult to find for it in a sentence.
  7. I'm always smelling the room for it ."
  8. "There's no real deep reason for it.
  9. Elsa is not the one and pays a price for it.
  10. Sweetwater was a popular concert draw known for its live performances.
  11. Or I could say I like the town for its liveliness.
  12. It is also renowned for its mackinaw and cutthroat trout fishing.
  13. Now I know better, and I feel better for it.
  14. The kitchen is cherished by locals for its handling of eggs.
  15. And I didn't always ask for it,"
  16. It was a blessing and I thank Al Davis for it.
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