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  1. My eager craft through footless halls of air . ..
  2. Human pubic hair is good for treating dystocia with transverse or footling presentation.
  3. Blakely knew that she wasn't the only person to think of footless hose.
  4. Show your toes, while compressing your saddlebags with Spanx, the new footless pantyhose.
  5. The sweat shirt fad passed, but the footless tights remain a hit with oversized shirts.
  6. It's difficult to find footling in a sentence.
  7. She got her mother, Ellen, a Florida artist, to draw comfortable, footless hose.
  8. Before about 1850 many rural women walked barefoot to and from market, or wore footless stockings.
  9. If the art of public relations were a handgun, Kenneth Starr would have been footless long ago.
  10. The name derives from the Ancient Greek words for footless ( ???? ) and animal ( ???? ).
  11. "There's the footless hosiery to wear under pants, for women to wear for support.
  12. The other link, which is pretty footling, I have left so you can all assess it yourself.
  13. Telephone calls for funds were made from federal property : a footling technicality, if calls for funds are kosher.
  14. A : You might want to try Spanx, the new footless pantyhose that has given the hosiery industry a kick.
  15. The Magdalenian " Venus " from Laugerie-Basse is headless, footless, armless but with a strongly incised vaginal opening.
  16. As their name ( " footless " in Greek ) suggests, their legs are small and have limited function aside from perching.
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