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  1. He also appeared as The Child in the 1933 film " Footlight Parade ".
  2. "Footlight Parade, " the best black-and-white musical ever, didn't even make the preliminary list.
  3. Warner assigned Bacon to " more expensive productions including " Footlight Parade, " " Wonder Bar,"
  4. "42nd Street " or " Footlight Parade ."
  5. Depression-era films like " My Man Godfrey " and " Footlight Parade " offered a gleaming escape from economic realities.
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  7. ""'Footlight Parade " "'is a 1933 American, Peter Milne, and directed by Lloyd Bacon, with musical numbers created and directed by Busby Berkeley.
  8. Cagney, a former song-and-dance man, actively campaigned the executives at Warner Bros . for the lead in " Footlight Parade ", which became his first on-screen appearance as a dancer.
  9. In 1992, " Footlight Parade " was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being " culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant ".
  10. "Footlight Parade " was shot at the Warner Bros . studio in Burbank, California, and cost an estimated $ 703, 000 to make ( or approximately $ 13 million in 2012 dollars ).
  11. Cagney had earned his stripes with Warner Bros . in the early 1930s playing tough guys, but he also had shown his talents at lighter, musical material in films like 1933's " Footlight Parade"
  12. But take a look at his " Shanghai Lil " number in Busby Berkeley's " Footlight Parade " ( 1933 ) and you'll see that he turns the isolation into an element of reverie that becomes part of the dance's spell.
  13. Warner already had a follow-up of sorts  " Gold Diggers of 1933 "  in production before the film's release, and the success of both films permitted a higher budget and more elaborate production numbers in Warner's next follow-up, " Footlight Parade ".
  14. At one point a print of a film starring " jams cagni " turns up, and the passengers use a wind-snapped canvas screen to view the black-and-white chestnut that the book calls "'Footlight Parade,'the supernatural version . " This is a wry though redundant flourish.
  15. The first mate finds 10 reels of the film " Footlight Parade " " with Jams Cagni / Jone Blondl " for sale in a souk in Tangiers; the polyglot crew watches the Busby Berkeley frivolities as the ship makes for Lisbon and the next rendezvous.
  16. Homosexuals were portrayed in such pre-Code films as " Our Betters " ( 1933 ), " Footlight Parade " ( 1933 ), " The Sign of the Cross ", a female Christian slave is brought to a Roman prefect and seduced in dance by a statuesque lesbian dancer.
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