flipped in a sentence

"flipped" in Chinese  
  1. Several broke down and one flipped over, injuring four people.
  2. There was this young lady and she flipped out, freebasing.
  3. The thrower wins points for every disk that is flipped over.
  4. At times he flipped the balls from one flipper to another.
  5. I was surprised at how I flipped over this little baby.
  6. It's difficult to find flipped in a sentence.
  7. The county never even flipped their's on,"
  8. We flipped it ( the raft ) once and went overboard,
  9. The figures have now flipped again, in favor of remaining.
  10. Going around a corner, the Blazer flipped over three times.
  11. It's like somebody flipped a light switch ."
  12. One boat is flipped in an instant; another sinks altogether.
  13. He flipped unknown CD after unknown CD until the manager stopped.
  14. If he was going fast, he would have flipped over.
  15. Moments before touchdown, he flipped on the aircraft landing lights.
  16. Tocchet flipped a little wrister past Healy at the right post.
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