flipped it in a sentence

"flipped it" in Chinese  
  1. We flipped it ( the raft ) once and went overboard,
  2. Barker flipped it her way like a fish-market mackerel.
  3. Still others picked up the wing section and flipped it repeatedly.
  4. Then he flipped it out to LeClair, who scored.
  5. I thought I flipped it up enough to get it over him,
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  7. Then she flipped it over to cook the other side.
  8. I flipped it up in the air and got a little lucky,
  9. Rodriguez picked up the ball and casually flipped it back to him.
  10. But Finley saw Booth open underneath and flipped it inside.
  11. Eventually, the station flipped its focus to classic country.
  12. Double-sided Magazines : The magazine industry has literally flipped its cover.
  13. I grabbed the fish around the midsection and flipped it onto the ice.
  14. Brewer flipped it out of the crease before the Stars could reach it.
  15. He just kind of flipped it to me.
  16. Ricky Gutierrez scooped up the ball and flipped it to Craig Biggio at second.
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