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  1. Scramblases are not members of the general family of transmembrane lipid transporters known as flippases.
  2. Scramblases are distinct from flippases and floppases.
  3. Using selective flippases is not the only way to produce asymmetry in lipid bilayers, however.
  4. Scramblases, flippases, and floppases are three different types of enzymatic groups of phospholipid transportation enzymes.
  5. Flippases and scramblases concentrate phosphatidyl serine, which carries a negative charge, on the inner membrane.
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  7. There is controversy about the role of this porter and FtsW / RodA which on the basis of an in vitro assay, were thought to be flippases for the same intermediate.
  8. Flippases are members of a larger family of lipid transport molecules that also includes floppases, which transfer lipids in the opposite direction, and scramblases, which randomize lipid distribution across lipid bilayers ( as in apoptotic cells ).
  9. Lipid asymmetry arises, at least in part, from the fact that most phospholipids are synthesised and initially inserted into the inner monolayer : those that constitute the outer monolayer are then transported from the inner monolayer by a class of enzymes called flippases.

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