flippant in a sentence

"flippant" meaning  "flippant" in Chinese  
  1. An interesting premise that's given too flippant an attitude.
  2. And an answer that is not as flippant as it sounds.
  3. They said technicians were flippant, condescending, deceitful and incompetent.
  4. But he wasn't hired to be flippant or amenable.
  5. In a sense, the boss was correct to be flippant.
  6. It's difficult to find flippant in a sentence.
  7. Elizondo comes across as pensive and flippant, formal yet relaxed.
  8. :: : : Sorry if my answer sounded overly flippant.
  9. Fire broke out not long after the man's flippant remark.
  10. Herman's answer is hardly as flippant as it might seem.
  11. Readers were furious with the strips'supposedly flippant tone.
  12. "good costumes " ) and flippant dismissal.
  13. Some toss the idea of impeachment out in an almost flippant manner.
  14. To be cute and flippant about it clearly is wrong.
  15. The question isn't idle, flippant or blasphemous.
  16. After he achieved notice as the flippant host of E!
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