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  1. Pokeymongo sold for $ 3500 USD on bidding website Flippa.
  2. She worked with Blues & Southern Soul producer Beat Flippa in 2015.
  3. Nicknamed " Flippa ", Thorp was the first true champion player to emerge at Richmond club.
  4. Migos will be going on their Dab Tour which wiil feature fellow label mate kippa da Flippa.
  5. They run aquatic education, junior flippa ball, aqua aerobics, adult education and water safety programmes.
  6. It's difficult to find flippa in a sentence.
  7. In August 27, 2015, Potato Parcel was sold to marketplace website Flippa for $ 42, 000.
  8. Previously, Flippa bought the viral webite ShipYourEnemiesGlitter . com from creator Matthew Carpentor for $ 85, 000.
  9. In May 2015 Flippa . com bought Domain Holdings, the domain name brokerage firm based in Florida, US.
  10. In June, 2009 Mickiewicz and Harbottle launched Flippa . com, the largest marketplace for buying and selling websites in the world.
  11. ""'Money Trees Deuce "'" is a song by American produced by Flippa and J Proof, is a follow-up to Kendrick Lamar's 2012 song, " Money Trees ".
  12. Wane has been steadily building on a Graduation-era Kanye sound for years now, and his work here is yet another marked improvement on his past discography; I had never heard of Flippa before this, but he's just as impressive.
  13. Rich The Kid also signed his first producer to Rich Forever Music TheLabCook The record label's first release was a 15-track compilation titled " Rich Forever Music : The Mixtape ", and featured Famous Dex, Skippa Da Flippa, Lil Yachty and Quavo.
  14. In an email interview with " MarketWatch " s Kathleen Burke, Craig said " I wanted to create a brand new way of sending a message outside of apps and technology by allowing anyone to send an anonymous message & on a potato . " In August 27, 2015, the company was sold to marketplace website Flippa for $ 42, 000.
  15. Later that month the shipyourenemiesglitter . com website was put up for sale on the domain auction website Flippa, Carpenter saying " Please stop buying this horrible glitter product  I m sick of dealing with it . " Writing in response to the sale, Fairfax Media newspaper " The Age " wondered whether the reference to " tonnes of people wanting to order " meant that no envelopes of glitter had in fact ever been posted, Carpenter commenting in an email interview that " the website is only 48 hours old so we don't have any customers you can speak to ".

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