flat-bottom in a sentence

"flat-bottom" in Chinese  
  1. Four flat - bottomed pottery pots were found on that day
  2. Railway fixed equipment . sleeper screws for flat - bottom rails
  3. Accompanied with two washing baskets and one flat - bottomed basket
  4. A light , single - masted , flat - bottomed dutch merchant ship
  5. Railway fixed equipment . sleeper screws with seating for flat - bottom rails
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  7. A small , light , flat - bottomed rowboat used chiefly in louisiana
  8. A flat - bottomed riverboat
  9. Flat - bottomed hole equivalent
  10. Flat - bottomed flask
  11. A floating structure , such as a flat - bottomed boat , that is used to support a bridge
  12. An open , flat - bottomed boat with squared ends , propelled by a long pole and used in shallow waters
  13. A flat - bottomed , roughly circular volcanic crater of explosive origin that is often filled with water
  14. Method for ultrasonic testing of special forgings by an immersion technique using flat - bottomed holes as a reference standard
  15. Oh , you know , they ' re all pretty much the same ? long and narrow , a bit flat - bottomed , with a tall ornamental stem
  16. The application of shallow - hole shrinkage mining with flat - bottom structure for separate handling of ore and waste rock in irregular and massive orebody
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