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  1. "I don't think a flat yield curve is sustainable ."
  2. "Greenspan thrives on a flat yield curve because it indicates low inflation, " he said.
  3. The stage just before that is a flat yield curve, when the spreads narrow toward zero.
  4. Continued heavy issuance will depend on a combination of sustained lower long-term rates and a flat yield curve.
  5. The sum may not be exact because modified duration assumes a flat yield curve, which is seldom the case.
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  7. "A flat yield curve keeps prepayments down, " said Steve Abrahams, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter Discover & Co.
  8. "A flat yield curve keeps prepayments down, " said Steve Abrahams, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter Discover & AMP; Co.
  9. "Interest rates, which rose when the pressures began, fell back substantially, leading to a fairly flat yield curve, " it reported in the study.
  10. The Merrill Lynch analyst added that demand for derivatives could fall, and trading inventory could have a higher cost under a flat yield curve.
  11. If there's no increase tomorrow, " the short end will be bought some and we'll have a less flat yield curve, " said Nomura's Miyamura.
  12. "This sort of flat yield curve indicates there will be a pronounced economic slowdown in the U . K . in the next 12 to 18 months, " said Hellebuyck.
  13. Kraushaar said a scenario of flat yield curves, global deflation, and low developed country interest rates may " make it far tougher for trading operations to sustain recent profit levels ."
  14. Also, with an uncommonly flat yield curve in the Treasury markets-- interest rates on shorter-term paper is now nearly as high as long-term bonds-- many investors are interested in the sort of shorter-term debt that Orange County is selling.
  15. PV01 ( present value of an 01 ) is sometimes used, although PV01 more accurately refers to the value of a one dollar or one basis point annuity . ( For a par bond and a flat yield curve the DV01, derivative of price w . r . t . yield, and PV01, value of a one-dollar annuity, will actually have the same value .)

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