flat writing in a sentence

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  1. My question : Does any style guide positively prefer superscripting to flat writing, " 27th "?
  2. Unfolded, it becomes a capture bar that can be attached with built-in suction cups to any white board or other flat writing surface.
  3. The joint allows the screen to rotate through 180?and fold down on top of the keyboard to provide a flat writing surface.
  4. "There should have been more incentives for corporations to make investments for capital expansion, more rapid depreciation or a flat write-off for capital expansion, " he said.
  5. "George and Leo, " with Bob Newhart and Judd Hirsch as odd-couple in-laws, has such flat writing that even a reunion of actors from the stars'old series couldn't inspire it.
  6. It's difficult to find flat writing in a sentence.
  7. Perhaps it is the childhood memories that are most revealing; Ansary, who can be rather flat writing about the United States, makes the lost ways of the Ansary compound magically familiar.
  8. Follett's bid for a younger audience is hampered by flat writing and a lame plot ( just think about the title and you'll catch on to the evil plot at hand ).

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