flat course in a sentence

"flat course" in Chinese  
  1. On this relatively flat course, there was no making up for lost time.
  2. "I don't think she's as good on a flat course, " he offered.
  3. The winner, Edwin Kiptoo, completed the flat course in 62mins 28sec.
  4. On a relatively flat course that several skiers termed " easy,"
  5. Meetings scheduled for the all-weather flat course were transferred to Wolverhampton and Lingfield.
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  7. But Miller said the flat course could lead to just about anyone winning.
  8. Tuesday's ninth stage takes riders on a relatively flat course from Tivoli to Caserta.
  9. The flat course perfectly suited his background as a track, cross-country and road runner.
  10. Tadesse, 29, finished the relatively flat course in 2 hours, 10 minutes, 13 seconds.
  11. It was a fairly flat course, with an uphill finish.
  12. The predominantly flat course goes through some of the most scenic areas of Melbourne.
  13. "It's a flat course and Tommy does well on those.
  14. I believe this is a very fast and flat course.
  15. Sunday's last stage will be a mostly flat course from Boario Terme to Milan.
  16. The winner completed the almost flat course in four hours, 44 minutes, 25 seconds.
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