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"flat country" in Chinese  
  1. Outbreaks usually occur on large-scale monocultures of pine trees in flat country.
  2. You find kangaroos in flat country or dogs on them and spear them.
  3. The other main road goes west through the flat country to Batken Region.
  4. It's a painfully flat country of cotton fields, oil wells and jack rabbits.
  5. Great landed estates are usually found in relatively flat country.
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  7. El Campo is derived from a Spanish phrase meaning " the flat country ".
  8. In such flat country, a river that escapes its banks can run for miles.
  9. Earthquakes are extremely rare in the Netherlands, a flat country with 16 million inhabitants.
  10. Minucius'division was swiftly lured into an ambush by Hannibal in the flat country of Geronium.
  11. The Russian infantry had little difficulty with flat country that had been cleared for agriculture.
  12. Burkina Faso is therefore a relatively flat country.
  13. Between them is flat country and Esthwaite Water.
  14. It leaves a deep valley and enters into a flat country, uniquely marked by some eskers.
  15. This name was continued by the English in the late 18th century in the name Flat Country.
  16. This league was located southwest of Skenchioe, near a Fox village in the Flat Country of The Thumb, Michigan.
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