flat copper in a sentence

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  1. They are often simple flat copper plates with fins on one side.
  2. The plate is not embossed but merely a shape cut from a flat copper sheet.
  3. A flat copper-tube cellular type radiator, in nickel-plated brass casing, and weighing 41 lbs ., is mounted in front of the engine.
  4. When the compound is heated on a flat copper surface, the linkers raise up, alternating from side to side, and propel the molecule forward.
  5. Instead of using the transistors and wires of traditional electronics, the scientists stuck individual molecules of carbon monoxide onto a flat copper surface at specific locations.
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  7. There are trading beads and small, pounded spears that were used as currency in Africa; wampum beads from native Americans; and flat copper " plate money " from Sweden.
  8. A dish-on-stands and a violin shaped flat copper container having nearly 35 arrow head shaped copper pieces placed in a row are included in other important findings from Sanauli.
  9. Discussions on a common standard for a plug started in the 1930s, yet it's still a hotchpotch, the most common of which are American plugs with flat copper prongs, continental European plugs with round prongs, British ones with rectangular prongs.
  10. Photogravure is distinguished from rotogravure in that photogravure uses a flat copper plate etched rather deeply and printed by hand, while in rotogravure, as the name implies, a rotary cylinder is only lightly etched, and it is a factory printing process for newspapers, magazines, and packaging.

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