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  1. Bold, flat lines define and contain areas of flat colour . ]]
  2. Helmet covers are generally a flat colour to stop any reflection from a metal helmet.
  3. The figures were painted with bright flat colours except for the face where shading was shown.
  4. They are pure and flat colours, not mixed ones, with special attention to green, white and brown.
  5. The bold, clean font and the choice of a flat colour scheme using red and black colours create this presence.
  6. It's difficult to find flat colour in a sentence.
  7. His " Simultaneous Landscape " ( 1922 ) is totally abstract, with flat colours and no attempt to create perspective.
  8. They have to have tools for the large geometric shapes of flat colour and small brushes for the very small areas, outlines, and sacks.
  9. These painters used large areas, or fields, of flat colour and thin, diaphanous paint to achieve quiet, subtle, almost meditative effects.
  10. Here's how to edit everything-open the diagram in inkscape, edit > selectAll, then set the stroke-style to flat colour.
  11. Her work was noted for its ability to remove clutter to tell a simple story that young children could enjoy, employing flat colours and clean lines.
  12. Following " The Judge Child " his art took a high contrast black and white direction, and in colour stories in annuals, explored patterns of flat colour.
  13. The second group brackets the work by Cply and Siler, whom retain the strong outlines of comic-strip or animated cartoon figures, stylised drawing and mostly flat colours.
  14. Mackinolty used sharp, flat colours and increasingly professional techniques to produce posters such as " For the man who said life wasn't meant to be easy-make life impossible ".
  15. She subsequently colours the figures, using flat colours both to make the process quicker and because she feels that painted figures in comics can often look " stiff " and difficult for the reader to " read " quickly.
  16. Sumberg's early paintings were figurative and somewhat indebted to pop art and the milieu she was part of, with areas of bold, flat colour and schematic, heavily out-lined drawing, done in enamel on Masonite.
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