flat color in a sentence

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  1. This expression is at first glance a rendition of flat color fields.
  2. And neither are they of a single flat color.
  3. At noon, there are no shadows and flat color.
  4. Much of it looks like blocks of flat color in various shades, reminiscent of paint-by-number kits.
  5. Then you printed over this with a flat color, and that flat color became the background.
  6. It's difficult to find flat color in a sentence.
  7. Then you printed over this with a flat color, and that flat color became the background.
  8. "I streak it so there is light and shade and it's not a flat color, " he said.
  9. In his early career, Adami's works were French cloisonnism, featuring regions of flat color bordered by black lines.
  10. This contrasts with the trend in commercial paints to suppress pigment textures in favor of homogeneous, flat color.
  11. The result was a selection of abstract paintings that consisted only of straight lines and flat color planes.
  12. For example, in Frank Gehry's " Venice Beach House ", the neighboring houses have a similar bright flat color.
  13. His wallpapers and textiles, featuring stylised bird and plant forms in bold outlines with flat colors, were used widely.
  14. His paintings and Matisse's are structured in flat color shapes rather than traditionally modeled ones to indicate form and depth.
  15. The worlds are presented in flat colors with no outlines, and all worlds are unlocked from the beginning of the game.
  16. Vellekoop said the artists were inspired by Gauguin, whose work emphasized flat color and a more simplified style, a movement called synthetism.
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