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  1. For weeks I've been avoiding the boxes of Omega Foods fish burgers crowding my freezer.
  2. Burgers, chicken burgers, fish burgers, pizza or subs.
  3. Typically I like my fish burgers fresh, made from fish I've stared straight in the eye and even sniffed once or twice.
  4. A radio ad by the U . S . fast-food giant aired in Germany is promoting non-beef options : salads, chicken and fish burgers.
  5. As Jana Idris, 27, a former regular who works at a nearby hotel, put it, " Who wants to go to McDonald's for a fish burger ?"
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  7. By contrast, people who ate a lot of fried fish or fish burgers had a slightly higher risk of developing the condition than those who did not.
  8. In Malaysia, where the species is considered underutilised, a trial of yellowtail scad use in fish burgers with threadfin bream found the product to be acceptable, leading to a favourable market trial.
  9. Among the sandwiches are an Arab Burger ( with lettuce, tomato, spicy eggplant, meat, sambal, burned onions and aioli ), an Irish Fish Burger, a Falafel Burger, a Lentil Burger and a Cajun Burger.
  10. It is not immediately known how many burgers have been eaten in Malaysia but it is safe to assume that Malaysians bought at least 23 million of McDonald's flagship BigMac, McChicken and Fillet-O-Fish burgers last year.
  11. The study found that eating a lot of tuna or other broiled or baked fish was associated with lower rates of a common heart ailment, while eating a lot of fried fish or fish burgers was not.
  12. The majority of the fish are pollock, a whitefish that is used domestically for fast food fish burgers and frozen fish sticks or ground up into a fish paste, much of which is exported to Japan for use in imitation lobster and crab.
  13. Vietnam's nine KFC restaurants began selling their famous fried chicken again Sunday after pulling all poultry from the menu Jan . 19 and launching substitutes such as fish burgers and nuggets, said Pornchai Thuratum, general director for the eight KFCs in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Dong Nai province.

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