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  1. But even so, they are faced with a finite supply.
  2. But hope, like the capacity for pain, is finite.
  3. One, it depends on finite economic resources to finance it.
  4. Every other thing we have has a much more finite existence.
  5. A star has a finite lifetime because it is burning fuel.
  6. It's difficult to find finite in a sentence.
  7. "Don't look at finite supplies ."
  8. The deputy secretary of state has a finite amount of time,
  9. There is a very finite type of building fitting our mold.
  10. It's small and finite, defined by the mountains.
  11. This is a case involvinc q " finite set of victims.
  12. Such policies are broadly known as finite insurance or financial reinsurance.
  13. Finite risk or loss mitigation insurance was developed in the 1990s.
  14. All norms on a finite-dimensional vector space are equivalent.
  15. Every element in is a finite sum of such simple tensors.
  16. The finite I cannot be the ground of its own passivity.
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