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  1. However, finite verbs are much more commonly used in speech.
  2. Position 5 is for non-finite verbs, such as auxiliaries.
  3. Finite verbs are marked for subject person, number, and gender.
  4. Finite verbs take subjective pronominal referentials and are predicative words.
  5. Gapping is widely assumed to obligatorily elide a finite verb.
  6. It's difficult to find finite verb in a sentence.
  7. The subject remains a dependent finite verb when subject-auxiliary inversion occurs:
  8. These trees show the finite verb as the root of all sentence structure.
  9. That type of inversion fails if the finite verb is not an auxiliary:
  10. Here we see an objective complement of a finite verb begin with the quantifier.
  11. The verb distinguishes three forms functioning as finite verbs, known as  conjugations.
  12. Of course, only certain finite verbs are capable of taking a following infinitive.
  13. A subject noun phrase and a finite verb.
  14. Finite verbs in English usually appear as the leftmost verb in a verb catena.
  15. In German declarative main clauses the finite verb is always placed as the second element.
  16. It might seem that every grammatically complete sentence or clause must contain a finite verb.
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