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  1. There also exists a single finite algebra generating a ( non-congruence-distributive ) variety with arbitrarily large subdirect irreducibles.
  2. It follows that the theory of varieties is of limited use in the study of finite algebras, where one must often apply techniques particular to the finite case.
  3. Not every author assumes that all algebras on a pseudovariety are finite; if this is the case, one sometimes talks of a "'variety of finite algebras " '.
  4. Thus when generalizing finite algebras ( of any kind, not just Boolean ) to infinite ones, " discrete " and " compact " part company, and one must choose which one to retain.
  5. By J髇sson's lemma, subdirectly irreducible algebras of a congruence-distributive variety generated by a finite set of finite algebras are no larger than the generating algebras, since the quotients and subalgebras of an algebra " A " are never larger than " A " itself.
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  7. Given any class " C " of similar algebras, J髇sson's lemma states that if the variety HSP ( " C " ) generated by " C " is congruence-distributive, its subdirect irreducibles are in HSP U ( " C " ), that is, they are quotients of subalgebras of ultraproducts of members of " C " . ( If " C " is a finite set of finite algebras, the ultraproduct operation is redundant .)

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