finitary closure operator in a sentence

  1. A finitary closure operator with this property is called a matroid.
  2. Finitary closure operators with this property give rise to antimatroids.
  3. The convex hull in " n "-dimensional Euclidean space is another example of a finitary closure operator.
  4. The operator \ langle \ rangle is a finitary closure operator on the set of subsets of | \ mathcal A |.
  5. The function that maps every subset of a given field to its algebraic closure is also a finitary closure operator, and in general it is different from the operator mentioned before.
  6. It's difficult to find finitary closure operator in a sentence.
  7. Finitary closure operators that generalize these two operators are studied in model theory as dcl ( for " definable closure " ) and acl ( for " algebraic closure " ).

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