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  1. Finit element method have been adopted to further study stress field and rockmass deformation repture characteristic
  2. The finit element method is used to analyse the influence of reinforcement to displacement field of soft subgrade by way of comparing reinforced embankment with unreinforced embankment
  3. In the paper , with system energy balance method and heat conductive equations , on tne basis of short time heat transfer modeling established the long time modeling , considering heat interference in thermal well group . this paper used the finit element method for element division and computer analysis , and provided the operation temperature figure . acquired computation values agreed well with experimental results , the most difference between them was 5 . 13 %
  4. In this paper , we consider mixed finit element methods for the initial - boundary value problems of two order hyperbolic equations and linear integro - differential equations of parabolic type , obtain the error estimates of the discrete schemes for this two kinds of problems . in chapter one , we consider the expanded mixed finite element methods for the followling 2nd order hyperbolic problems this method expands the standard mixed formulation in the sense that three variable are explixitly treated : the scalar unknwon , its gradient and its flux
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