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  1. These were : Ramu Valley, Shaggy Ridge, Finisterres, Barum, Bogadjim, and Madang.
  2. Men succumbed to fatigue, disease, starvation, drowning, and even exposure, the nights in the Finisterres being bitterly cold.
  3. He chose two routes, one following the coast and the other running along the ridge lines of the foothills of the Finisterres.
  4. Meanwhile, the Australian advance through the Finisterres continued towards Shaggy Ridge, a heavily wooded razor-back feature, that dominated the Japanese defensive position.
  5. Following the fighting around Shaggy Ridge, the Japanese withdrew towards the northern coast of New Guinea, where they were pursued by Australian and US forces advancing through the Finisterres and along the coast from Saidor.
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  7. The central geographical and strategic feature of the campaign was the imposing Shaggy Ridge, running north-south in the Finisterres; this was the scene of a climactic battle during which the Australians assaulted the Japanese positions in December 1943 and January 1944.

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