finish up in a sentence

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  1. Clinton said he hoped to finish up in time for the trip.
  2. Intel later selected Interactive Systems Corporation to finish up the 286 port.
  3. And Mike is about to finish up an album with Leo Kottke.
  4. The barftending treatment finishes up with five players who did not quit.
  5. I just want to finish up here and then see what happens.
  6. It's difficult to find finish up in a sentence.
  7. They kind of let me decide where I wanted to finish up,
  8. They are slow and steady the first part, and then finish up.
  9. She is expected to return next week to finish up her testimony.
  10. It would be nice to finish up the year with a victory,
  11. My dad is getting sort of anxious for me to finish up,
  12. Val finishes up the slap unhappy treatment without anyone else quitting.
  13. But Mowers is more concerned with how the Wildcats finish up.
  14. Maybe we can finish up with a flurry in the fall.
  15. Focaccia slathered with aioli and garnished with fresh greens finishes up the package.
  16. I hope to come back and finish up the season strong.
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