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  1. Interested in a painless way to give Russia a financial hand?
  2. Spectrum's financial performance has suffered throughout its various controversies.
  3. Good financial habits are best learned when you're young.
  4. Iberia Airlines was brought in, then withdrew for financial reasons.
  5. I will be sorry to see it from a financial standpoint,
  6. It's difficult to find financial in a sentence.
  7. The candidates Friday filed financial reports with the federal Election Commission.
  8. The financial effect of the settlement isn't immediately clear.
  9. That day, Tom wanted me to become his financial adviser.
  10. That and the financial rewards will bring the venture full circle.
  11. Sybase Chief Financial Officer Ken Goldman called the drop an overreaction.
  12. The financial markets were not the only ones to decline Wednesday.
  13. The hidden costs of a solo practice are financial and psychic.
  14. Left on their own, farmers would have faced financial calamity.
  15. Aid agencies say few farmers are seeking financial help this summer.
  16. The financial situation has forced us to do something more quickly.
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