financial abuses in a sentence

  1. Most of the complaints were about vote-buying and financial abuses.
  2. It was characterised by financial abuses and nepotism on a large scale.
  3. The fifth part, entitled Financial Abuses and Involvements, is distinctly patchwork.
  4. The FBI's work now encompasses complex financial abuses, computer crime and terrorism.
  5. In 1873, Khaznadar again undertook reforms and attacked the widespread financial abuses within the bureaucracy.
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  7. Roussel seeks more control over the money, claiming the foundation of mismanagement and other financial abuses.
  8. Keenan left the group in 1971 after major financial abuses by the group's management were unresolved.
  9. Federal regulators imposed a nearly yearlong moratorium on those deals while drafting more stringent regulations to halt financial abuses.
  10. The report detailed financial abuses by several IOC members that may have cost the organizers $ 800, 000.
  11. In a second report this month, Mullinax detailed misspending of millions, sweetheart deals and other financial abuses.
  12. The commission also tentatively approved rules to tighten companies'internal procedures for addressing financial abuses and corporate ethics.
  13. She claims she was terminated because she went public with allegations of widespread financial abuses and improprieties on the reservation.
  14. TEAMSTERS-PROBE ( Houston ) _ The Teamsters looks into whether there have been financial abuses at the union.
  15. Vakhayev also said the heads of three regional labor departments were dismissed for financial abuses, ITAR-Tass reported.
  16. Tribunal registrar Adama Dieng said the tribunal plans to employ three special investigators and an auditor to root out financial abuses.
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