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  1. Without a star, New Line declined to finance the project.
  2. PRIVACY : Don't discuss your personal finances with strangers.
  3. He won't disclose where he's getting financing.
  4. Incumbent senators will tell you they oppose public financing of campaigns.
  5. Medicare finances health care for 36 million elderly and disabled people.
  6. It's difficult to find finance in a sentence.
  7. The Senate Finance Committee bill would cut about half that amount.
  8. Medicaid is financed jointly by the federal government and the states.
  9. Florida Housing Finance Agency, $ 115 million of revenue bonds.
  10. Financing would come from the government, donations and venture capital.
  11. In other words, finances are a bit tight this summer.
  12. They keep stating it's only a matter of financing.
  13. Carlos Santana chuckles when the subject of Woodstock finances comes up.
  14. Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, $ 320 million of debt securities.
  15. He had to sell his car to finance his college education.
  16. Congress dropped the last financing for a breeder reactor in 1983.
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