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  1. Within two years, Iraqi oil production will finance purchase of fissionable material and missiles.
  2. The proposed joint venture was aimed at financing purchase of goods made by Whirlpool in India.
  3. Rights issue to finance purchase of ships
  4. The export packing credits facility is a rediscounting window that enables exporters to borrow money to finance purchase orders.
  5. It allegedly originated in a commission on a Finnish government-financed purchase of medical equipment by Costa Rica's social security agency.
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  7. -- Failure to disclose that agents receive a commission if one annuity contract is used to finance purchase of another one.
  8. The United Nations offered in 1992 to allow a one-time dlrs 1.6 billion oil sale to finance purchase of urgent needs.
  9. Convinced, the Minister of Marine on 6 August agrees to finance purchase of material to allow him to continue his tests.
  10. The three-year credit line was opened in 1995 to finance purchase of Spanish capital goods, intended primarily for Cuba's sugar industry.
  11. He said Iraq had already been given dlrs 25 million credit to finance purchase of palm oil over the past few years.
  12. Clinton should lead the West to join nations like Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia to finance purchase of antitank, antiaircraft and intelligence-communications equipment.
  13. A sports authority will be created to issue bonds that will be sold to finance purchase of the site and build the speedway.
  14. The United Nations offered in 1992 to allow a one-time dlrs 1 . 6 billion oil sale to finance purchase of urgent needs.
  15. To ease the burden for new-car buyers, manufacturers will often offer to fold the cost of the radio and a year's service into the lease or financed purchase price.
  16. The program, known as the Affordable Housing Energy Loan Program, or AHELP, would have financed purchasing and installing energy systems in some of the nation's 4 million publicly subsidized units.
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