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  1. In 1995, he endowed the Leon Cooperman Professorship of Finance and Economics.
  2. From 1980 to 1983, he attended Leningrad Voznesensky Finance and Economics Institute.
  3. In 1950, the institution became the Shanghai College of Finance and Economics.
  4. Kosar graduated from college with a double major in Finance and economics.
  5. He graduated from UNH with a dual major in Finance and Economics.
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  7. Shaukat Aziz, Pakistan's minister for finance and economic affairs, said Saturday night.
  8. Fund Department was established under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.
  9. He pursued various courses in finance and economics in USA and Europe.
  10. We have asked our finance and economic ministers to examine " the problem.
  11. He nominally heads the party's Leading Group on Finance and Economics.
  12. In 1983 he graduated from Voznesensky Leningrad Finance and Economics Institute.
  13. In 1960 Briedien graduated from the Institute of Finance and Economics in Moscow.
  14. "I understand the debate about public financing and economic development, " he said.
  15. He is the current Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs.
  16. Besides Schroeder, his ministers of labor, finance and economics will attend the talks.
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