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  1. In March 1998, Ge was elected vice director of Finance and Economic Committee of 9th National People's Congress.
  2. During his political career Walker held numerous committee presidencies including the Jersey Post Office, the Finance and Economics Committee and the Policy and Resources Committee.
  3. In 1957, he was elected as Senator, topping the poll, and became President of the States Finance Committee, which later became the Finance and Economics Committee.
  4. The Finance and Economics Committee presented written comments to the States, expressing their sympathy for Le Gastelois'circumstances but in their opinion paying compensation could establish a precedent.
  5. The proposed cuts also affect the ministries of information, commerce, oil, finance and national economy, electricity and water and transportation, said Salman, who is on the lower houses'finance and economic committee.
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  7. The company worked out the first set of credit rating system and methodology in China, which was assessed and accredited by the group of experts from the Finance and Economic Committee and Law Committee under the People s Congress, People s Bank of China, National Planning Commission, banks and securities house.
  8. Senator Frank Walker, head of the Finance and Economics Committee of the States of Jersey, the parliament, is leading a push this year to adopt new laws and regulations to tighten supervision of the investment industry, which represents more than half of Jersey's gross domestic product and employs 12, 000 of its 85, 000 people.

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