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  1. FEFAD, Foundation for Enterprise Finance and Development, and KFW, Kreditanstalt f黵 Wiederaufbau ).
  2. She has degrees in journalism, psychology, and finance and development.
  3. Another of Abel-Smith's key research interests was the financing and development of health services.
  4. He is also a former Chairman of the museum's Trustee Finance and Development Committees.
  5. ECONOMY : Finance and Development : Ginandjar Kartasasmita is another holdover from the old Cabinet.
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  7. South Carolina Finance and Development Authority, $ 73 million of mortgage revenue bonds and notes.
  8. The company had a financing and development deal with United Artists which ended in 2004.
  9. Arcand is also director of the Centre for Finance and Development at the Graduate Institute.
  10. Saleh Afiff, Indonesia's coordinating minister for economy, finance and development supervision, is also scheduled to speak.
  11. Various disadvantages have also been noted in the context of climate finance and development finance institutions.
  12. He was its founding chairman and, at his death, chairman of its finance and development committee.
  13. Panizza is also deputy director of the Centre for Finance and Development at the Graduate Institute.
  14. He is also a member of the supervisory board of the FMO-Bank ( finance and development)
  15. Guenther, 56, joined the board in 1994 and has been on its finance and development committees.
  16. A dean for finance and development is the wife of another former Democratic Assembly speaker, Mel Miller.
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